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It is fascinating to see the domino’s fall as one piece of the election steal puzzle is dismantled after the other. The one i find truly ridiculous is all of the news agencies and attorneys who blatantly lied are being forced to admit it was all bullshit, while trump and a host of others continue the con. In fact, no one was more instrumental in the fabrication than trump, and yet he still stands there straight-faced and lies to anyone who will listen.

Jim Swift had an exceptionally good piece on the Bulwark regarding Regent University’s full day program where it was one lie after another. I am confused by why Sydney, Rudy, Fox and Newsmax were forced to admit their part in the telling of the big lie while others are still out there spewing the nonsense. Obviously they are pulling back based on their pending legal problems so why not continue to sue the others into oblivion?

As far as the guns, don’t own one, never have. I have no problem with people having them. I hate walking into the grocery store and seeing someone strapped here in AZ, but if the law allows it, so be it. I do tire of the idea there is nothing we can do about mass shootings. I do tire of the political rhetoric that the dems are coming for everyone’s guns. It’s not going to happen.

Yesterday your old buddy EE had a terrifying column. Maybe it’s because he’s now sitting in Rush’s chair, but the idea everyone in the USA should be trained and carry a gun is pure nonsense. Seems to me we had the scenario in the wild, wild, west and it didn’t fair to well. Imagine now is we all had guns on are hip. Really?

Finally, Charlie Sykes had a quality piece in his daily emails regarding a “modest gun proposal.” He lamented the ability to get anything done to even attempt to address the issue. More importantly he suggested we stop glorifying the AR type weapons in political ads that were noting more than fund raisers. I thought it was a well made point and one that would be easy to intact.

Alas David, it appears we are forever stuck in a world where craziness is rewarded and common sense is vilified.

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Mar 26, 2021Liked by David Thornton

I was thinking about that recently as I watched the movie Tombstone. Most people on the right would side with the cowboys in that movie. The whole thing started with them not relenting of their firearms. I'm sick of gun culture, and i'm sick with people not seeing through the rights lies or worse just not caring.

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