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Point of correction: 500 miles (round trip) from Shasta County to Sonoma.

Also, they should have handed the goat over to a court for adjudication.

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Great commentary Steve and sadly had there existed even the tiniest degree of common sense and decency in this country, trump would never have been elected in 2016. Then none of us would have been put through this ordeal of all-crazy, all-the-time. Trump could have gone on as your normal everyday con man scamming the rubes and no one would have cared.

I would call that a win/win for all sides. If only the story had broke on Stormy perhaps we all would have been spared the past 7 years. Perhaps this is the exact reason he facing the charges...we'll see eh?

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I'll echo Bill Pearson on the quality of the commentary but not much else. I suppose Trump could cast a provisional ballot in Florida just in case the election came down to one vote. If that were the case, it might either speed up the appeal process or delay the election results.

I am a carnivore who has participated in hog and beef slaughters by helping my grandfather and who also worked in a poultry, sausage and beef packing plant. I'm in no position to criticize the slaughter of a goat. However, losing a pet is traumatic. I recently had to hold my 16-year-old Chihuahua as she was euthanized by the vet. I may never get over that.

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