"Even though the Court upheld the Texas law in the short term, it is unlikely that there are enough votes to overturn Roe completely. We’ve already seen Chief Justice Roberts, a pro-life judge, shift toward the center on the issue. It is widely believed that Roberts's more recent jurisprudence is focused on preserving the integrity and independence of the Supreme Court for the long term, rather than pushing a particular ideological agenda. There are valid concerns that an unpopular decision could energize Democratic proponents of expanding the Court."

I wouldn't read too much into Roberts' vote here. I can imagine that between this "no one in the gov't to sue" shenanigan (wait until a state uses this law as a template for violating some other protected right, like allowing residents to sue others for promoting anti-vax messages), combined with Biden's attempt to game the Court on the eviction moratorium, the Chief Justice is probably getting pretty damn tired of the other branches and states dumping their crap on his Court. The Mississippi case will be a good one to watch with respect to his position on the issue more so than this too-clever-by-half Texas law, which may only be a process vote for Roberts.

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I think what’s not being considered enough is the implications of allowing people to sue strangers, even in other states, over aiding an abortion. If this draconian aspect of the law stands, it will open the floodgates to these types of laws from the left. Wait until California passes a law allowing anyone to sue gun sellers or owners after a gun is used in a shooting, anywhere in America. This is a terrible law and it’s shameful the Supreme Court punted on it.

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Crawled out of bed this morning saw the incredible, wonderful, stupendous biggest news ever and immediately said to my wife we need to move to Texas. Simple reasoning, we can become wealthy beyond our wildest imagination. We can sue all them dang gummed liberals for all their sinning ways. What a country, what a state.

And to make it even better, on September 1 the new gun laws go into place. Imagine; no background checks, no licensing, no nothing to be able to walk around with my 45 locked and loaded. Gun owners freaking heaven. Literally.

Best of all, Governor Abbot's fighting to keep all Texan's safe from those damned masks and the freedom to get those pesky vaccines and letting us go everywhere and anywhere and to hell with that safety crap. All us real American's know it's all a hoax anyway. Don't you dare start to talk about the 300 plus Texan's that died yesterday of covid because they would have died eventually so it's not fair to count them is those over blown statistics.

Yee freaking hah...Texas here we come.

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During my youth while listening to one of the hundreds of sermons on the "end days" or how christianity would be outlawed I never understood how that could happen. What would make the world hate christians so much? Of course in those days the danger was catholics or muslims becoming more popular and they would outlaw the "true religion" but now I get it.

Christians just enacted a law that takes away a woman's own bodily autonomy and created a law where you are suppose to report crimes you see for cash rewards. It's not hard to imagine this being turned back on them. Especially considering how much of a fraud 99% have shown themselves to be. Just citizens protecting themselves from the evil people.

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And just like that nobody cares about Afghanistan anymore.

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