This is great news for Texas!

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May 26, 2023Liked by Chris J. Karr, David Thornton

Hoping the Texas legislature does impeach this bad dude. Woke to clips from mini me’s talks yesterday. Weaponization of the DOJ, pardons to follow election. Ugh. Personally I was smiling yesterday at the sentence handed down to the head of the oath keepers. It felt like justice. I am still stuck on Ron saying all the needless deaths in Florida weren’t human beings but “ excess mortality “. I hope now people will start paying attention to this little fascist/ authoritarian and see him as a threat to our Republic.

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May 26, 2023Liked by David Thornton

"Paxton is the very image of a modern MAGA general."

Soooooo close to a Pirates of Penzance reference...

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I’m glad the guy is getting impeached. He probably deserves it. What I take exception to are your political slant and biases that overtly flow throughout the article. Can’t you just call him a Republican? Why preface everything with MAGA REPUBLICAN? Why disparage Trump in an article that is written about someone else? You cheapen the article and your credibility.

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We will see if money translates into votes. I'm hoping Governor DeSantis will gain support as his campaign progresses and his message gets to a broader audience.

I disagree with those who accuse DeSantis of authoritarianism. There is no way to govern without exerting some controls that restrict individual behavior. Compare DeSantis policies in Florida with vaccination requirements, limiting attendance at family gatherings including funerals and weddings, school closings doing severe damage to student progress and dozens of other rules imposed in more liberal states.

Kim complains about the term "excess mortality". It is a valid concept that shows Covid deaths might be considerably more than those formally attributed to the pandemic.


The following link is to a John Stossel interview with Governor DeSantis. John is very libertarian.


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