"The voters who are angriest at the Biden Administration, Republicans, are also those who would have voted against Democrats anyway."

I don't know if this is true. I doubt that there were too many "keep a force around in Afghanistan" Trump voters, and while many Biden voters would have liked to see our presence in Afghanistan wound down, the angriest seem to be those who think that Biden's sin wasn't extracting troop out of Afghanistan, but rather that he did it in the stupidest and cruelest way possible. This is something we came to expect out of Trump, and a core expectation among Biden voters is that we would have deliberation, clear thinking, and a respect for avoiding unnecessary cruelty to replace the "F* You I Got Mine" attitude of the Trump administration. We (I'm one of those voters) expected Biden to be better at this, and he was just as bad as what we replaced.

"Democrats are unlikely to bail on Biden because of the Afghanistan debacle unless the Administration fails in other areas as well."

This is probably true for as long as the figurehead of the GOP is the man who surrendered to the Taliban in the first place. As long as Trump, Pompeo, and folks of that ilk continue to maintain control, Democrats have nothing to fear. However, if we start to see another GOP power center arise around folks like Cheney, Sasse, and Kinzinger, the folks who crossed over to Biden (and some Democrats) will have an excellent alternative to start seriously considering.

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So, I didn't vote for either. I voted down ballot but not for the president because for some sad reason America can't come up with a candidate who doesn't suck. Trump is wack and Biden is a leftist. Jeez, who to pick?

Regarding the Afghan fiasco.... There is not a dime's worth of difference between Trump and Biden's policy. They were both playing to the "no more endless wars" crowd who is almost always wrong. "America First" between the two world wars is illustrative. That convinced the small island of Japan that they could conquer the US by bombing Hawaii. heh. They believed the goofers that America didn't have the guts to defend itself because of the press' covering of America First and America First was popular but dumb on stilts.

History repeats because human nature is constant. What happens when enough of US gutlessness convinces foreigners that an AXIOS of Russia, N Korea, China, and assorted Islamists (who hate the West) decided we are easy pickin's? What then? With our current crop of Sad Sack politicians what are we going to do? Maybe give Hong Kong (heh), Taiwan, S Korea,....there is a long list on an ascending scale.

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I don't remember the show but recently someone discussing journalism on TV said that if there's a question mark in a headline, you can bet the answer is "no". So far I've found that to be true. Trump hatred is a powerful force. I thought both staying or leaving Afghanistan were no-win situations. Biden and his idiot political appointees have turned withdrawal into a humanitarian, political, military and diplomatic nightmare. I'll take Trump's policies and all his personal flaws over the total incompetence and waste demonstrated by this administration.

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