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The excerpts I have read of the email exchange between Greg Jacob, Chief Counsel to Mike Pence, and John Eastman, a "lawyer" (have to put that in quotes because he should be disbarred) who pushed the plan to have Pence reject certain electors. That email exchange is flabbergasting, to say the least. https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.cacd.841840/gov.uscourts.cacd.841840.160.16.pdf

Chris Cilleza, an editor for CNN, compared Eastman to "Iago pouring his poison in the ear of Trump's Othello."

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Here's Putin's argument......Unless you don't do everything we say we will use nukes. That's not an argument that's a demand that's says we get everything we want. Is he crazy? Maybe he is and maybe not.

As a kid we had 2 channels on TV and both of them showed Kruschev (whatev the spelling) on TV hammering his shoe on a desk at the UN. If the USSR didn't get it's way on something or other we will all die. I presume in his Slavic mind that his show biz and exhibitionism was a scary thing. In fact, it was. The American audience thought the guy was fully on crazy and we had to do whatever to toast his oats. No one was impressed unless you think impressed is hating you more.

Somewhere in the Kremlin they are playing the same game unless Putin is really a steroid junkie like some suppose.

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