Well, that was a thing, I guess. Criticizing Trump by...reveling in George W. Bush?? You know, the original "Hitler", so we were told? Or was that Romney? No wait, it was Ron Paul. No, hang on, it was Paul Ryan.

And Sauron references! This one's got it all!

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Goodness, such emotion. Ms. Bagwell needs to get an historical perspective. I grew up under the fear of an A bomb. We hid under our desks. That was pretty crazy. i was doing this for a fairly longtime and I don't recall any adult thinking it was weird. i chalk that up to the fact it was the early 50's and our parents were Depression kids who ended up WW2 kids. They didn't think it odd at all that we had enemies and people will or could die.

My grams told me of a time when her farm came under seize of a cult who thought they would be swept up into the Rapture on her family's farm in Idaho. This was shortly before the 20th century. They weren't Raptured. Big Bummer for them and they left. Q will leave too when Trump does his exit state right and so will the oddballs and cranks he accumulated.

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the whole marjorie greene viewpoint really boggles my mind! why would she also be anti-semitic!  i can never understand why the jewish people always get thrown under the bus in the craziest way- in things that they aren't even involved in in the first place!  i guess i will never understand jew hatred.  Jesus was jewish and it makes sense that if you claim to be christian, that supporting the jewish people should go by default?  i know several people (christian and not) that support trump, and trump even supports israel- so again, scratching my head :-/  

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Jan 30, 2021Liked by Susan Bagwell

It made sense fearing the communist threat, Islamic terrorism was real, not sure about the liberals being all that scary, but that's okay if you could get your head around it. This latest phenomenon is way beyond the pale...there is simply no logical explanation for it.

trump has been a con man, a crook and chiseler his entire life. The movie OPM (other people's money) could have been about him. Take your pick on where to start, but with every scheme came a scam. And to be clear, he was really good at it. He perfected the art of the steal and made it work beyond anyone's belief.

Life has always been filled by those who took advantage of others. He's not the first and certainly won't be the last. Here's where it breaks down for me: How do good, hard working, decent people become enamored by someone so phony? Wrapping one's over-stuffed body in the flag doesn't make you a patriot.

In fact, the events of January 6 are so horrendous, so egregious, there should not be a living soul embracing trump and what he stands for. Let's be clear, the only thing he cares about is donald j trump. First, last and everything in between.

The reality is Susan if you or i invited a crowd to our house and got 5 people killed (plus two officers who committed suicide since the event), we'd be held on murder charges. It isn't about inciting a riot or sedition. he elected to call for a crowd to come to DC on that fateful day, fired them up and sent them off. Then he reveled in their actions. Did i mention the "Big Lie" that he promoted for the two months prior to?

How does he get by with it? Why do good people keep clinging to his nonsense? Are they really that dumb? Sorry for carrying on so, but enough is enough. He's been coddled and cuddled for two long and by too many. People are dead because of him! It's just that simple.

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