"I have seen signs that the January 6 committee’s message is penetrating into Trump’s GOP base. Just yesterday, I was working with a coworker who was a big Trump supporter. Just a few months ago, this person was anxious for Trump to run again, but yesterday he mentioned that he had been talking with his father and they had both decided against supporting Trump in 2024. He did, however, acknowledge that they would vote for Trump if he was the nominee."

The line I'll be leaning on over the next two years to convince folks to look somewhere else is one I've heard elsewhere: "Why vote for Trump when you'll only get 4 years, MAX, when you can support just about anyone else and get as many as 8 years instead."

I've been seeing that put forth in some pretty interesting places that would normally be Trump enclaves, and I decided to adopt it as my main talking point.

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Jul 2, 2022Liked by Chris J. Karr

Working or not working David and Chris, the damage has been done. The guard rails are gone, there are no more the norms we as a society functioned under. No more right, no more wrong. Too many simply do as they please, no repercussions.

This week several stories jumped off the pages at me; someone please explain The Preacher in Florida who with his wife and two kids beat the feds out of 8 million dollars in covid19 relief funds. They caught them red handed with the evidence, still walking around free. The Wisconsin republicans in both the house and senate allowing the democratic governor to replace appointees whose terms were done. Then the republican controlled judges agreed with them.

What the hell happened? How about all of the states where the courts have told republicans their gerrymandering efforts were illegal and they still went ahead with them anyway. We've now come to accept folks being above the law and still being somehow righteous and just in whatever, as long as they are winning.

Frankly i am sick of trump and have been for a long time. Run? Don't run? Doesn't matter, for him it's just the ability to keep the con going, keep his name in front of the shills and the marks so they keep sending him their money. Which they are.

This isn't Ocean's 8, 11, 12 or 13, where the con artists are bilking the scumbags. This is the scumbags (and there's a boatload of them) bilking the rubes out of every nickle they can. Jail time would be too good for them. Don't hold your freaking breath. Morality is dead and buried. Thanks donald, another check mark on your wall of shame. God knows there's plenty of them.

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