Elon suspended the accounts of journalists *who wrote stories about things he did not like*, under a policy that was hastily enacted during the middle of the news cycle where he was banning people doing things that he did not like, but promised to leave alone after he purchased Twitter (@ElonJet).

Let me be clear that I think that Elon is 100% within his rights to ban whoever he chooses, shaky pretext or no, but let's not pretend that he has some higher point about media responsibility that he's making from his throne at Twitter.

Had he banned people NOT reporting on something related to him, he may have had a point. If he had those transparent policies you mentioned and we watched the process unfold before the banning, he may have had a point. Had he not doxxed people himself in the past, he may have had a point. If he didn't delegate the decision to unsuspend them to a Twitter poll (one that went against his actions, that he quickly disregarded), he might have had a point. Let's not pretend that Elon is playing some form of 11-Dimensional Chess when he's petulantly deciding to take his toys and go home.

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