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"If you think the incident is overblown or that Adams was right, I’m sure you’ll have an opportunity to give him some money, but the majority seems to be deciding that they don’t like Adams’s behavior or beliefs. Public image is something that businesses have to think about and Adams should have considered that before taking his radical racial views online."

The majority of what? The population as a whole? The woke syndicates? From what I have seen, I believe a plurality of black citizens believe it is not ok to be white and that whites enjoy a social status that is not deserved but has been attained by subjugating people of color. I have been a fan of Scott Adams for more than30 years. He is not a racist, but he does expose idiocy. I did find a way to way to give Scott a little more money. I disabled the ad blocker for his website and read the daily Dilbert.

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