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As a Gen Xer myself, I grew up as a Cold War kid, and really found myself intrigued with global history during that time to the fall of the Soviet Union. I think many younger Americans do not have the memory of what it was like to have a competing superpower and satellite countries put the free world under threat of nuclear attacks. I think we are paying the price for misjudging Putin for what a bad person he truly is. Many of us had high hopes when Boris Yeltsin became the President of Russia, and he was flawed, and the economies of the 15 former Soviet republics went through some challenging times while transitioning from a centralized economy to one that is market based. And then Putin followed. One person that had the moral clarity to call him out for he is, was the late Senator John McCain. He was steadfast in standing up for Ukraine. I know many on the right don’t like him, but I think his voice would’ve been very helpful in these times. Thankfully we have Mitt Romney, who proved to be right about Russia even when he was broadly ridiculed at the time.

We need to reconsider our flirtations with nationalist/isolationism as well. That is not going to serve us well in these times. I hope that we can look more to Ronald Reagan and his belief in securing peace through strength

I was fortunate to have visited Ukraine a few years back. And while that country had their issues, the people have such a wonderful, friendly, yet tough and resilient spirit about them. I also know some Ukrainians personally and worry about their well being and safety. To see Putin do what he is doing to Kyiv and Kharkov and other parts of their beautiful country, gets me really hot under the collar. No less outrageous is seeing Tucker Carlson and others on the right being apologists to the Kremlin. Their attitude and behavior are throughly contemptible, and they ought to hang their heads in shame. I hope Americans of good will call them out and push back against their twisted priorities.

We need to pray for the people of Ukraine, and pray for the people of Russia as well. They deserve better than who they have leading them right now. We need to pray for the good people of Taiwan as well. Also, we should pray for President Biden and all our leaders as well as leaders of NATO countries.

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I'm watching the invasion. I'm on the west coast. I absolutely hate this guy. Jews are fleeing from Odessa and Israel is aiding their flight.

I'm a child of the Cold War since almost the beginning of the Cold War. I was born shortly after WW2 and my entire childhood and part of my adulthood until Reagan was ruled or heavily influenced by the Cold War. We ducked under out desked in school for bombing drills. We had air raid sirens. We had designated fall out shelters. We had personal fall out shelters. We had the Cuban Missile Crisis. You know what we never had? An alliance between China and Russia.

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I appreciate all the upvotes and I forgot to include something I think significant and I'm ashamed I didn't do it in the body of my previous post.

Back in the day of the USSR the Christian Church is under heavy assault. In the Ukraine it was no different. If you were Russian Orthodox it was less so. If you were not then you were in the crapper.

The Christian group that was most criminalized and imprisoned were the Pentecostals at least in the Ukraine while it was part of the USSR. In my neck of the woods it became common for Christians to wear the names of those imprisoned on a wristband. My entire extended family wore some Ukraine Christian name on their wrist whether they were Pentecostal or not. I never found out if my person made it out or died in prison. Wish I knew.

The point is that this wasn't so long ago. Putin and men just like him did this and we are just decades from that time.

Next time you vote give a thought about foreign policy.

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Time to seize yachts, shutout RT and other Russian-state controlled media assets, and their banking assets.

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