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Twice in one week, scary. I like Susan's writings, hence my response yesterday. Your post today was one of the reasons i stopped commenting Steve. I've told you before, your best attribute for me was you were unpredictable. It was meant as a compliment.

Today's post was over the top nonsense. Seriously, our fear should be the democrats? Really? Biden couldn't find his ass with either hand, and i voted for him. The party has virtually no one on the horizon to lead us from the abyss. They are mired in an identification problem they may never work their way out of. They are that hopeless.

On the other hand, as Susan pointed out yesterday, the republicans are beyond just being unable to identify with their original brand. Trump is their brand, their savior and as evil and vile as he is, they cannot let him go. The 30% that clings to him, irrespective of what he does, is so terrifying to even the most "normal" of republicans they will never stand up to him or let him go. They simply can't.

His attachment to being viewed as a "strong man" is laughable. They don't fear trump, they fear the 30% that would die in the streets for him. Identifying the lame democrats as the real fear of Russification is as foolish as the analogy between Canada/USA and and Russia/Ukraine. Dude, there is no comparison. It may work for you, for anyone with a half a brain and reading it...yikes.

I read an article today that tickled my fancy, with just how pathetic both parties have become (for very different reasons), 2024 may well be the year a third party candidate rises from the ashes and shakes up our badly bruised system. Unlikely? Probably? A good thing? Depends on who it would be.

Anyway, thanks for getting the juices flowing.

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I think you got it right. You covered the democrats and Republicans. Throw in a few independents and we can conclude the problem is mostly politicians. Politicians do not serve the public. They serve to get reelected. Term limits are needed.

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