As much as the centrist in me wants to declare victory on this, I'm not sure what this will end up accomplishing with Pelosi's comments, especially after Biden's comments that he won't sign this unless it's accompanied by a "human infrastructure" bill that consists of a lot of the stuff stripped out of the compromise bill.[1]

I'm not sure what the incentive or "win" is for the GOP senators here. I guess that they can claim that they pushed through some popular infrastructure spending, but they're completely unable to claim that this is a compromise of any sort, especially given that Biden will still get the stuff that they were unwilling to grant him in the negotiations. This seems like a MASSIVELY bad faith exercise on the part of the Biden administration, and I'm not confident that it won't make future bills that would also benefit from compromise harder to pass.

What am I missing here? If I were a GOP senator who spent time negotiating this, why would I continue to play ball, if all the horse trading is for naught in the end?

[1] https://www.reuters.com/world/us/biden-meet-with-bipartisan-senators-discuss-infrastructure-plan-2021-06-24/

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Jun 27, 2021Liked by Chris J. Karr

David, you wrote, "Cruz was a hero even though his shutdown was disastrous for the GOP."

Not really. Look what happened in Nov. 2014.

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