The evidence that the Select Committee has found is also available to the DOJ, which has been investigating 1/6 since, well 1/6/21. The hundreds of prosecutions, statements under oath, witnesses, and high profile testimony could have been made into a criminal case, but it’s been turned into political fodder. Trump’s behavior makes me furious. The Democrats treatment of it makes me hopeless. I’m putting my faith in the Fulton County Special Grand Jury. And hoping some Republican steps up to take the mantle from Trump and lead the party out of the sewer. Because Democrats are a bunch of aimless self-interested entitled brats led by a vicious mob of very online white liberal elites who think they speak for people who don’t need or want them. If the GOP is dead (I always predicted Trump would kill it) we need another party.

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Thanks David, anyone who watched the entirety of last nights hearing had to come away understanding exactly how bad it was. Every single person at the White House begged trump to stop the madness, he listened to no one. He simply sat and reveled in it.

Writers responding to the Jan 6 commission and especially last night's revelations, who come away finding others to blame, are feckless. fools. For one defining moment they had an opportunity to be brutally honest and put the turd in the pocket it belonged in. Still they waffled and tried to blame others. Even in response to your article, they are still playing the game.

Like you, i hadn't sat riveted to the television for the hearings; until last night. I watched live in one room, my wife caught it recorded in another. When we walked our two standard poodles late last night, i asked her her thoughts. She told me there were several times she cried. I told her sadly, me too.

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The same thing that makes people "roll coal" around bicyclists: they've identified their enemy and will act against said enemy regardless.

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DeSantis did fuel inflation by distributing $450 per child. Covid relief in general was a bad idea. States have entirely too much discretion in how they distribute the money. Many did worse than DeSantis but much of the payments, whether labeled as gasoline subsidies or child subsidies, ended up in the family bank accounts. Worse were the funds spent on appeasing labor unions and wasted in the school systems. Governors cannot take a principled stand on federal handouts without becoming targets of the leftists and the news media. Expansion of Medicaid is a prime example. Obamacare and Covid relief are both gigantic wealth redistribution schemes primarily benefitting blue cities and states. Shame on politicians of both parties for allowing this to happen.

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