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Jan 19, 2021Liked by David Thornton

Good article David, but let's have some fun here and break it down even further. The pandemic clearly was the 900 pound gorilla in the room. Some will lament it was his downfall and just isn't fair to judge him based on that. Sorry, while it sucks it hit, the reality is that is always how leaders are judged; not in how they handle the good/easy stuff but what they do when the shit hits the fan.

Which is exactly why dissecting this deserves a deeper dive. Imagine had trump acted with the seriousness of how he addressed Bob Woodward. Imagine if he had worked with governor's from both blue and red states in establishing best practices. Imagine if he had treated Dr. Fauci as the genius he is and coordinated with the CDC and others to set the course for masking up and taking the virus for real. Imagine if he not only put project warp speed in play, but then actually worked to insure the vaccinations would be there for everyone; rather than saying they were there.

I'm sure you get my point; if this fool had done any or all of the above, he would have been re-elected in the landslide he is boasting happened. Instead, he took every wrong turn, made more idiotic statements than any one could have assumed possible, and we as a country are paying for it. None more though than the 400k dead and the next 100k that will happen in the next month.

Hindsight? Maybe. We can't change where we are, but we damned well as a country better remember how and why we got here. Electing people who are unqualified is pure unadulterated foolishness.

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