Warnock's racist problem

Jeremiah Wright, and Democrat ring-kissing haunts him

This is the Saturday “weekender” The Racket News edition, and behold, I voted.

I didn’t vote for Raphael Warnock. I did think hard about it. Not because I wish to hand the Senate over to Chuck Schumer and the Democrats, and not because I wish to punish Republicans who got a little too Trumpy. I do believe Sen. Kelly Loeffer is trying too hard to hold on to her senate seat. This concerns me because she has spent far more time attacking Raphael Warnock than asserting her own positions.

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The conundrum is that any Republican who asserts her own positions with Trump in the White House invites the danger of Trump changing his position with a tweet, and then being accused of insufficient fealty to the throne by the online Janissaries defending it.

Warnock has a problem too. Many Black Christian pastors, especially those who have a public platform beyond the congregation, are expected to be avatars and warriors for the American Black cause with as much fervor and spirit as they are to be representatives of Jesus Christ.

In his sermons, there is a lot of rich material that can be used to scare white voters into believing that as a senator, Warnock will use that position to advocate for a form of racism that seems to be accepted by liberals. For example, NBC News, chock full with the kind of liberals who don’t believe it’s possible to be a racist unless one is also white, accuses Republicans of “stoking fears.” Is it Kelly Loeffler using those sermons that’s racist, but not some of the content in the sermons themselves that might cause fear?

I do believe that Loeffler went too far and stretched too much in trying to connect Warnock’s sermons to a “radical socialist” agenda. However, it’s troubling that in 2014, long after Barack Obama distanced himself from his former pastor Jeremiah Wright, that Warnock’s church hosted Wright in the pulpit.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not implying that the people who attend Ebenezer Baptist Church are racist. I’ve visited some historic Atlanta Black churches and have been treated like royalty as an off-the-street visitor (one church serenaded me—the whole congregation surrounded me and sang). I remember shedding tears at the true Christians who attended Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. I grieved at their horrible deaths, but cried at their heart to show grace and love to a man who refused both in the most diabolical way possible, because of his own white brand of racism.

But it’s hard to reconcile some of the statements and sermons from Jeremiah Wright against the love and Christlikeness of the Emanuel bible study attendees.

It’s troubling that Warnock seems hesitant to stand up for Christ in his run for the senate. He has no trouble standing up for being Black, and standing up for his chosen political party, a party that advocates the most pernicious and racist institution in this nation: abortion.

The Democratic Party welcomes ring-kissers of Al Sharpton, a charlatan “reverend” who incited riots against Jews in New York. They refuse to repudiate Louis Farrakhan, whose Nation of Islam has earned even the far-left SPLC’s designation as a “hate group.”

Is there a dual-loyalty among Black Democrats in government, first to their race, and also to their oath? Asking the same question about Jews, or Catholics (like Amy Coney Barrett, in whom “the doctrine lives loudly” according to Sen. Dianne Feinstein), in polite liberal company, is not only accepted, but encouraged. Asking it of a Black pastor running for the senate is considered racist.


The fact that discussion is prohibited, and that liberals are required, as a rite of passage, to accept that Black racism is not a possibility—or even a thing—is hard for me to swallow when I look at Warnock’s spiritual résumé. He should know better. If we call out white evangelicals for their fawning and idolizing of Donald Trump, we should do no less for Black pastors as candidates for high office.

My problems with Sen. Loeffler are that she’s left herself undefined. It’s a problem given that Trump will no longer be in office to pander over. What will she stand for in the Biden era? I don’t honestly know because she’s kept her issues broad and spouted platitudes, while spending most of her time attacking the “radical socialist” agenda of her opponent.

Ultimately, my problems with Loeffler weren’t enough to induce me to vote against her.

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