I've always been skeptical of the white evangelical 'horror' at abortion. Abortion is a tragedy but like most evangelical principles i believe that horror is just a theatrical prop used to bash Democrats. After all when the GOP controlled the WH, Congress and Senate in 2016, they did precisely nothing about abortion. What they did do was canonise an adulterer and his enormous government deficit.

My pick is that even if they were to obtain control of government again they'd do nothing, cos they don't actually want black girls giving birth to black babies. Remember, the fine people of Charlottesville won't be replaced.

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Yeah these types of articles are why I won't be subscribing. Abortion isn't racist, saying it is is racist. Big suprise the white "christian" conservative comes along and wants to bash individual blacks who make a decision as uncaring about their race because they have an abortion. The only way you have an outlook like that is if you are racist yourself. Here's a shocker for you, blacks are individuals too, with their own lives and their own issues. And I'm pretty sure their race doesn't come into play when they make that decision.

Also I know Rev. Wright is a good name for scaring white people, but did you bother to listen to what his actual sermon was while he was there? Or did you just use the opportunity to drop his name as you justify your vote for the party currently trying to overthrow our government?

I bet I know the answer too that too.

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