I'm not a parent with kids, so feel free to toss these thought into the bin if that makes more sense...

With that disclaimer made, one thing that I'd also like to see distilled into kids in their education in addition to discipline is a sense that each one of them has the tools and agency to impact the world in a meaningful way (if not right away). In a more specific sense, as someone who primarily exercises my agency in building stuff, I think that too many kids don't think that they have the power to build worthwhile things of their own, so they never try.

It isn't the lack of desire to learn or flex their creative muscles that's holding them back, it's a message from society that individual contributions and actions are insignificant next to all the systemic and institutional power that is in force around them. The systemic lesson isn't a bad one, but probably one that should be taught AFTER a phase where kids can spend some time believing (and FEELING) that their actions and creations matter, instead of being passive players on which society acts. Kids need to understand that they have AGENCY (that's embedded in specific contexts) and it's discipline that hones and sharpens that agency into doing something meaningful.

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