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Sep 11, 2022Liked by Steve Berman, Chris J. Karr, Jay Berman

One of your best ever Steve. My eyes usually glaze over when you start writing about the bible, not this time. You wove the thread purely and on point. We all want to believe in something, those beliefs shouldn't be used for evil. If our hearts are pure, outcomes should be as well.

Too many people buy into the use of symbols. Wrapping ones self in the flag, doesn't make one a patriot. Carrying around a bible (right side up or not) doesn't make one either moral or religious. Stepping to a lectern in a Church of any denomination, never gives one the right to call for destroying a nation. I'm not a religious person but i learned as a youth, they were heretics.

Your close was brilliant, this sentence said it all: "The best patriotism an American Christian can show is to devote oneself to prayer, love, and kindness." Thank you for reminding me why i continue to read you.

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