I propose they change the name to Fort Rainbow. Nothing short of that will please the progressives.

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It isn't only progressives who want these names changed. Quite a few Republicans are not fans of the Confederacy either.

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Are they from the traditional "northern states"? My guess is they are. The beef between the north and south are still apparent but only along the eastern coast. Nobody west of the Mississippi and probably the midwest gives a rat's behind about it. Check that...the universities probably do.

If I toddled around my state and asked "Should we keep the name Fort Brag as the name of a mil base", I promise you I would just get strange looks of "why not"? For most of the country this would not be an issue.

Quite a few of repubs are morons so you have to take that into consideration. More than a few given our current unpleasantness so if I were the board I would consider this decision as an activist racist activity and not the will of the people of the country as a whole. They would be just bending the knee.

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Here's a simple one:

The Confederacy lasted all of four years, so there's no "heritage".

Confederates were traitors to the US.

Confederates do not deserve to be honored anywhere, least of all US Military bases.

Which of those do you disagree with?

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I bet if you changed your question too, "should we keep our military bases named after traitorous bastards?" you would get near 100 percent in favor of changing them. And the south lost. You realize that right? Nobody outside the south likes the south. You lost and the names are being changed. Deal with it.

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I have never lived in the South. Mostly, I have driven through it. Yes, I'm aware of who won the Civil War. I don't find who won the war the issue, however. Erasing history is always a mistake. Few have a problem with the current name so let it be.

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Agreed. Do not try to change history. It's a record of the past and doesn't harm anyone. To those of us who have personal histories and memories of Fort Benning, Fort Gordon, Fort Bragg and a number of bases named for military figures not associated with the South, it seems stupid. It's like pretending that Columbus, Wahington, Jefferson (and Abraham Lincoln in the case of San Francisco) did not exist. There were valid reasons for naming bases after local military figures and mainly had to do with bringing the country together. My maternal grandfather died in 1959. He was born in 1884. His family were union sympathizers but there was still a lot of bad blood over the Civil War at that time. Compromises were necessary to fill the military ranks. That in itself is a major historical milestone.

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May 31, 2022Liked by David Thornton

You listed a number of bases explicitly named after Confederates.

Renaming those bases does not change history.

As with Confederate monuments, these bases were named with no regard for the Black population of those States/areas.

Stop being such snowflakes over Confederates. They were traitors, and do not deserve to be honored.

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