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Last week, I could not get or find a COVID test. I searched Ga from Carrolton to Augusta, Athens to Macon, Fayetteville to Sandy Springs. Maybe in a store, somewhere, I might have lucked up, but nothing available for pickup. Fortunately, my fever and headache abated after 2 days and I am fine, now.

My nephew notified me, yesterday, that he tested positive using a home test, but that his employer would not accept his home result and he had to go somewhere for testing or face disciplinary action for being out. No testing slots available for 3-4 days. It is my guess that this employer rule about using home tests led to employees coming to work infected, hence my nephew getting sick.

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Jan 11, 2022Liked by Chris J. Karr, David Thornton

I know some jobs require more sensitivity than others when it comes to health. But, in general, I can't see the reason for mass testing for an illness, omicron variant, most people will get no matter what precautions they take. That assumes they are vaccinated.

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