"It’s stuff like this the makes me miss President Trump’s style. He would have been calling for the people of Cuba to rise up and overthrow Díaz-Canel. There’s really no gray area here. Cuba, for 62 years, has been run by communist thugs, who worked for a doctor who enjoyed murder, the oppressive maniac Ché Guevara."

After the tweet, Trump would have forgotten all about it, having moved onto his next troll, leaving the people of Cuba to wonder whether Washington actually had their back or whether it was more empty words from a man who abandoned our Kurdish allies in the Middle East, didn't see an international organization that could do Cubans some good to disparage under the empty slogan of "America First", and started the ball rolling on returning Afghanistan back to the medieval regime who regard women little more than chattel. "But he fights!"

Cubans are better off on knowing *exactly* where Americans stand on their struggle - and can plan accordingly without having to discover the hard way that Americans really don't care about their welfare or who is calling the shots in their nation. It's extremely unfortunate and the Cubans could use some enlightened Monroe Doctrine here, but regime change is not in the cards.

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