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Sadly Jay, statesmen is not a word we often hear much anymore. While being a liberal (down from a bleeding heart liberal), i find myself turning off and tuning out 95% of both parties when they come on the air. Political points are both painful and obvious and just seem disingenuous.

What is refreshing are a handful of politicians who appear to be grounded in outcomes rather than owning a lib or a rightie. Mitt Romney comes to mind as he acts in what appears to be in accordance with both his beliefs and in the fact they have a job to do. The moral beacons are simply few and far between.

I'll give Biden credit for staying above the fray and just stating it's the Senate's job to do and for him to focus on moving forward. It won't be easy as too many on the far left are demanding the whole hog while those on the right are tilting back towards obstructionism.

The truth, the solutions almost always lie somewhere in the middle. I just wonder when the word compromise became such an ugly option and doing the right thing was viewed as weakness.

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