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Let's be honest here David, trump doesn't give two shits what the press (or anyone else for that matter) thinks or says about what he does. He's always subscribed to the theory all coverage is good coverage. As long as his face is plastered on the cover, how he gets there is immaterial.

He's the ultimate narcissist. As his world is crashing down around him and as his followers are running from him, he barely notices. He too freaking busy looking in the mirror to see how truly ugly his reflection is. Perhaps the most pathetic human being that has ever lived.

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I don't know whether I'm right or wrong for tuning out the most extreme views on either side. I never heard of Nick Fuentes until last week. I never believed Q-Anon was a real thing. I pay no attention to Antifa or Occupy Wallstreet. I'm aware of Code Pink and Black Lives Matter only because of their high-profile protests. They, and dozens of other radical groups, are scum and would not exist if they were not allowed to thrive by media dishonesty and lack of law enforcement.

I have a friend prominent in state politics who has won as both a democrat and as a Republican. He convinced me to vote for a candidate for statewide office who was also a recent party switcher. She turned out to be a dud. I figured I had been duped and voted for her opponent the next election. The incumbent lost and the winner was also a dud. Final score, politicians 2 - Curtis 0. As usual, the voters lose.

Most of what I read in the media and blogs like yours seems to be directed toward building the image of democrats and condemning Republicans. In actuality both parties consist mostly of career politicians who play whatever role will get them reelected. This is not good for the USA. More balanced reporting would be appreciated. Otherwise, we voters are left with a choice of voting for someone like Obama who stated his true agenda (which I could not vote for) or wishy-washy Republicans like McCain or Romney who might or might not deliver on their promises. Career politicians are the root of our problems. Limiting office holders to one term would be better than two term limits. Two-term presidents spend half their efforts on reelecting themselves and fellow party members.

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I do condemn Republicans. I don’t do much praising of Democrats.

As a conservative, I think it’s important to call out my former party that claims to be conservative. It costs conservatives nothing to call out Democrats.

Beyond that, I agree with a lot of what you say.

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Thanks. I respect your opinions, otherwise I would not read nearly everything you write. But it still seems you are giving only one side of the argument and that becomes more important as your audience grows. Right now, your readers largely support your essays. I disagree as often as not. I suppose I was meant to be an outlier in a hostile environment.

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