"But I believe, because of redistricting, and the power of Republican-held state houses and legislatures, the will of the people will emerge."

The will of the people drawing the districts will emerge over those voters in the districts. That's the ENTIRE POINT of gerrymandering. Otherwise, we could have saner districts (and I speak from Chicago, where the Democrats have doodled significantly) that are competitive and the will of the people can actually be discerned in races that aren't predetermined by splitting and lumping voters together for a predictable outcome.

As for getting the election deniers out of power, there's no reason to NOT start doing this now in the election several weeks ahead. If given a choice between a Democrat and a Republican election denier - vote Democrat. If given a choice between a Democrat and a Republican that respects elections, vote for the Republican if you think that Democrats are such a danger. This flirting with election denialism needs to be put down fast and it needs to be put down hard, so that in 2024 and beyond no serious candidate seeking power will touch that third rail.

As for the filibuster, Democrats have had two years of power to do away with it and we still have it. Aside from the vocal looneys, I don't see them doing away with it in the next two years should they retain power. Happy to turn that prediction into a "loser donates to the winner's charity of choice" wager if you want to take the other end of that bet.

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Sep 27, 2022Liked by Chris J. Karr

This just might be your dumbest column ever; EVER. Gerrymandering is a good thing, how about dark money? Billions poured into campaigns with no checks and balances? That a good thing too?

Good God Steve (cool, i can cloak myself in God too), how in the world is it a good thing for politicians to carve out safe districts with ridiculous boundaries that make districts look like jig saw puzzle pieces? Oh wait, you gave us your answer, our side will win that way.

Give your head a shake. It's yet another reason the side show, shit show will just keep on coming. Hoo freaking yay for our side. Winning at any cost, the new American way.

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So that's why politicians gerrymander seats, - so the will of the people will emerge. Thank God for selfless, altruistic, public spirited politicians.

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