Romney’s error was not his losing, although the alternative history with his victory would have been much better for the nation. His crime against the GOP was opposing Trump before, during, and after his term. Trump is the real RINO.

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May 3, 2021Liked by Chris J. Karr, David Thornton

I will say that I'm several shades more conservative than Mitt Romney based on his record as a Senator, on a variety of issues. But I never understood the hatred so many Republicans today have for him. What I will say that is contrary to what many Trumpists say about him, is that Mitt is far more conservative than they will ever give him credit for. I still remember just how much flack he took during the 2012 campaign, his firm stance against illegal immigration. He was solidly against it. But since many Trumpists conflate legal immigration(which he supports) with illegal immigration, they falsely paint Mitt as one for open borders, which he clearly isn't. He just doesn't oppose legal immigration(which is essential for our continued economic competitiveness in the global economy). And Mitt is more fiscally conservative than the Trump folks were and are. If Mitt is a RINO, then Trump is a RINO on steroids.

When Mitt was governor of Massachusetts, the state legislature was like 9-1 Democrat(if I remember correctly). His vetoes would be practically ineffectual against such enormous supermajorities. And while I'm not a fan of government administered healthcare exchanges as a libertarian conservative, I do realize as you David pointed out, that Mitt's hand was extremely limited. He did insist that the healthcare exchange rely on private insurance, and not some single payer system, and he got his way. So I think it is fair to say that Romney curbed some of the worst excesses of some of the more progressive Democratic proposals on healthcare. When you are a Republican in a deep blue state, you have to make some accommodations by allowing moderation.

I'm also glad you pointed out that Obama was a much stronger candidate than Hillary Clinton. Even Biden doesn't hold a candle to Obama's skills as a candidate. I think so many on the right assumed that because Trump pulled off a win against a really compromised candidate, that he was somehow politically invincible no matter what he said and did. They kept believing it even after the GOP lost the House in a 41 seat wipeout in 2018, and through 2020.

I just laugh when Trumpists call Liz Cheney a RINO. For goodness sakes she is solidly conservative. I mean, she is one of the most conservative Republicans in the House of Reps, easily beating out Matt Gaetz and MTG, among others. Her sin is that she rightfully refuses to entertain the lie that the election was stolen from Trump. And something as simple as telling the truth makes these Trump sycophants go crazy. If there is any congressional race in which I'm rooting for someone to win, it is Liz Cheney in 2022. She is such an asset to conservatism, and I hope she prevails over her detractors.

Had there not been Donald Trump, or even if Trump had chosen to behave like a normal president and took his job seriously, there would be no President Biden, VP Harris, and a complete Democratic trifecta. Given how 42000 plus votes were the difference of outcome in the electoral college in key swing states, I really am convinced that the Democratic trifecta we have now, is part of Trump's legacy.

As for the MD-83, I remember that plane when I attended a rally for Mitt in 2012. I'm not a pilot like you David, but I've flown so many times on the MD-80s as a passenger. Pilots that I've spoken to affectionately call them "Mad Dog". Give the placement of the engines at the rear of the fuselage, even economy passengers can enjoy sitting in front of them, and not deal with the rush of noise one gets sitting window behind the engines in economy class, such as the 737 and A320. Sp, if I didn't get upgraded to 1st class on an MD-80 or MD-90, at least the engines were behind me no matter where I sat(except the very back, last few rows). The MD-80s may not have been the most sophisticated or fuel efficient of the single aisle commercial jets, but they proved to be rock solid reliable. It is no wonder why airlines like American and Delta held on to these jets for decades, only retiring them fairly recently.

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I voted for Mitt and would do so again in a general election - not so much in a primary to determine a national candidate. I don't hate the man I just consider him useless to the party and the nation because of the role he played in turning over the government to the likes of Biden, Harris, Ossoff and Warnock.

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