A couple of thoughts about this:

1. Outside of being aware of the general culture war and maybe having chose a side in it, how does Coca Cola imposing hiring conditions on its outside attorneys have ANY measurable influence on your life? I guess I'm not seeing why I, as a Caucasian male, should feel insulted as a Caucasian male because of an internal HR initiative at Coca Cola. They're still happy to to sell me the same product for the same money as before and it seems like there are more important things to get worked up over.

2. If something like this DID have a measurable impact on your life, was it for the positive or the negative? For example, in the Amazon example, did you have concrete plans to buy the Anderson book, and now it's unavailable? (Ditto for Dr. Seuss. I'd love to see the sales figures for the six "banned" books before and after the announcement.)

3. In your own experience, when you had your own personal "Awokening", how did it affect your business? Did you lose subscribers or customers after you cut off the seedier parts of Usenet?

4. As I understand Conservatism, one of its key tenets and values is being left alone and leaving other people alone to do their own things that don't affect you. "Conservatives" getting worked up about how Coke hires lawyers, what HR programs it runs, etc. seems to run counter to that principle. (Why should your road to Damascus moment induce me to switch to another ISP?) Why are conservatives so keen to give up on this, in the name of fighting in the culture/product wars? It seems to me that if this bothers you, then you're going to be a more effective fighter (in the culture war) by standing up a competing good or service that demonstrates:

a.) You can provide the good/service WITHOUT the Woke-ism.

b.) Your provide like-minded folks (opposed to the Woke-ism) an alternative where they can spend their dollars for a substitute product.

c.) You can take the money that your competitor is leaving on the table by out-competing them for talent that views Wokeness as a distraction, you're not blowing big bucks hiring diversity consultants to peddle their snake oil on company time, etc. Folks that don't care about being Woke one way or the other ALSO have an incentive to patronize your business, if only on the basis that you're not passing on the cost of being Woke to them in the form of higher prices that includes a Robin DiAngelo tax.

This whole business of consumers poking their noses into how companies are running themselves in the name of achieving some form of conservative goal seems foolish and a waste of time. There are scales of how much things matter, and most of the examples you pulled out don't meet the threshold (for me at least).

The one exception is Disney and the Uighurs, and that's because Genocide is several orders of magnitude removed from Giving Sensitive White Guys Something to Feel Uncomfortable About. I guess this means that we all have our scale for what matters and yours is tuned a good bit more sensitively than mine.

Apologies if this seems a bit overly critical. In the last couple of weeks, I've just lost all patience for Conservatives choosing to emulate Progressives when it comes to developing and complaining about their self-imposed Victim Complexes. Instead of exercising their agency to actually do something that matters, members of the Right seem more interested in constructing their own safe spaces to complain about how they're being oppressed. In ten years, when this particular moral panic has subsided, what will anyone have to show for it?

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Also, Travis Kalanick had been digging his hole LONG before Trump became an issue. Let's not pretend that he would still be CEO of Uber, were it not for his Trump support. That guy was well past his Sell-By date when he was canned:


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