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Most of us understand the importance of learning from our mistakes. Most of us! Unfortunately, arrogance gets in the way and the most absurd are are those who view life through their own narrow agenda. It's what defines the new gop these days. Ass-hats, clowns and crazies are the new normal and their world views are limited by their own self-importance.

If we default, it will be crushing to so many and when reality sets in for those affected and by those who caused it, what's left of the gop clown car will ultimately be held liable. Sure they'll keep their 35% maga/DeSantis/far right nut jobs in the sinking ship, but it will not, will never be enough to win elections between the remaining normal American's who aren't possessed by demon politics.

Even recent history has demonstrated the larger percentage of American's reject the craziness of the past 8 years. I guess the good news is, they are simply too self-consumed to get their tiny little pea-brains around what is happening because of their actions. God help us all.

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Patrick Chovanec put something interesting out, which may protect our credit rating while causing all sorts of other issues: prioritize debt payments over all other spending.


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Kevin McCarthy is on tv right now saying he will not put a clean debt ceiling bill on the floor. He alone owns this! My husband and I are both on Social Security. Will Kevin McCarthy pay our bills? Will Kevin McCarthy feed us? No. He is a self absorbed wannabe autocrat!

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I hope folks are calling and emailing their Congressman/woman.

It seems folks are conflating the budget with the debt ceiling. As Kimberly Phillips on Jamie Dupree's FB page wrote, "Budget negotiation is not the same as increasing the debt limit. The current budget is actually in effect until the end of September.

So it is actually GOPers who are demanding a budget do-over. They're holding the full faith and credit of the US hostage over appropriations already made and in effect, while balking at paying debts that THEY largely and happily appropriated between 2017 and 2020."

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"Aside from the hypocrisy of the fact that these Republicans raised the debt limit without spending reforms when they held congressional majorities and the White House and actually could have passed meaningful reforms with minimum fuss, they don’t seem to care that default is bad for the country as long as it’s bad for Biden."

The Republicans were wrong then when they did not seriously propose spending reforms. However, it would likely to have never made it through the Senate because of the filibuster rule. I may not be as politically savvy as you, but I do not believe the current House bill is merely a wish list never intended to pass. I believe it is a perfectly reasonable compromise. It will make it to a Senate vote only if Schumer becomes desperate. He knows the democrats must protect the deadbeat vote.

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