Three possibilities:

1) Natural evolution that started elsewhere and took off in Wuhan

2) Virus escaped the lab (can be either natural or lab-developed)

3) Natural evolution that started elsewhere, and Wuhan scientists were sent to investigate and became infected

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We are seeing played out right here in America that what a country or party owes is always second to what is in the best interest of said country(party).

I think the reason China isn't talking may be just as likely because they think what was going on in that lab is none of the worlds business. Something that I think this country would do as well if this were to happen here.

Which brings us to the point. How exactly do you expect someone to learn the truth about what happened? Especially when it happened in one of the most secretive closed off countries on the planet? We will never know if this virus came from a lab.

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BSL-4 labs are, in fact, the world's business, since they are rated and expected to hold to an international standard of safety. They are supposed to be regularly audited and inspected. In 2018, the Chinese made a BIG deal of inviting U.S. Embassy experts to tour the lab and inspect. Those visitors voiced some critical concerns. If the Chinese wanted what happens at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to not be the world's business, it would hide the whole lab as a secret military installation. Don't tell me the CCP and the People's Army don't have secret bioweapon labs; of course they do. No, Wuhan was a very public face for China, and if China's propagandists could benefit from Wuhan's involvement in, say, helping stop COVID-19, they'd be all over it. But they're hiding something, and it's the world's business to find out what. This isn't something we should let go of.

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Eh I think there's a saying about hiding things in plain sight. But you brought up a good point, US experts were just there and they didn't report any bioweapon engineering. Do you just expect the Chinese to just come out and say, "hahah, we got you stupid Americans!" I'm not saying we should let it go, but I still haven't heard any sort of idea as to how people want to find out. IF the Chinese actually did this all evidence is gone, we're not talking about idiot presidents and his supporters here.

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