Sotomayor is on fire in her dissent:

"The Court should have put an end to this madness months ago, before S. B. 8 first went into effect. It failed to do so then, and it fails again today. I concur in the Court’s judgment that the petitioners’ suit may proceed against certain executive licensing officials who retain enforcement authority under Texas law, and I trust the District Court will act expeditiously to enter much-needed relief. I dissent, however, from the Court’s dangerous departure from its precedents, which establish that federal courts can and should issue relief when a State enacts a law that chills the exercise of a constitutional right and aims to evade judicial review. By foreclosing suit against state-court officials and the state attorney general, the Court effectively invites other States to refine S. B. 8’s model for nullifying federal rights. The Court thus betrays not only the citizens of Texas, but also our constitutional system of government."

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Dec 10, 2021Liked by Chris J. Karr

Wow, this news about Meadows is absolutely wild. Trump and his buddies really wanted to overthrow the constitution. And the reason they have got so far is the outrage that fills conservative Americans. It seems like nothing is too crazy in American politics at present.

If the Republicans get back into power in the next few years, what will their base demand from them in 2024? Mob rule, summary jailings, witch hunts and executions? Very scary.

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We do not know who prepared the Power Point presentation. Do we know who it was presented to? The link to Forbes did not work for me. It may have come from an Adam Schiff screen play outline.

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