Will Kathy Barnette pull off an unlikely surprise and sink Dr. Oz?
Don’t get me wrong. I’m very much in favor of adoption. I WAS adopted as a baby. I just think that it’s more complicated than these people understand.
This will not come about by our effort. As the prophet Zechariah wrote: “‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord almighty.”
Bridges for sale, Russian disinformation, Birds aren't real and other truths
Not as much as you think.
$40 billion to Ukraine? More like $6 billion, so where's the rest? The abortion bill was the one from 2021, word for word, giving unlimited access in…
Trump's GOP candidates continue to win, while Elon Musk says he'll un-ban him from Twitter. Are we having a Trump revival?
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In 2021, people died for a fantasy, and Republicans are still kissing the ring of the guy who started it. Democrats won’t stop kissing the rings of…
I never knew my mother. Oh, I knew her; I’m not a foundling or an orphan. She was my mother, Rose and she fiercely raised me and defended me. What I…
America’s terrible history of abortion being driven by extremists—hypocrites all—has produced a nation of ghouls.