Jan 6, 2022 • 53M

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A Racketeers Podcast, Episode 29

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David Thornton
Jay Berman
Steve Berman
The Racket News™ writers talking about stuff and politics
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Good day to our friends. Though it’s a day of infamy, and according to some in the hyper partisan media, it’s a day worse than Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassination, and the attack on the federal garrison at Fort Sumter that began the Civil War.

Looking back on the past year, the Racketeers: Steve, David and Jay, have gotten together and chatted about what the attack on the Capitol, and the man who tried to overthrow an election means today.


Join us by listening to our podcast. As always, it’s very lightly edited (mostly because Steve doesn’t have time to fully edit, plus the most entertaining bits are the parts editors would cut). Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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