Sep 16, 2021 • 32M

The Racketeers Podcast EP28: OSHA, Milley, Newsom, Oh My!

All the Racketeers together makes for a lively discussion. Is Milley a traitor or just hawking books? Where is Arnold Schwarzenegger when you need him? What's the wing speed of an unladen swallow?

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David Thornton
Jay Berman
Steve Berman
The Racket News™ writers talking about stuff and politics
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Join Steve, David and Jay as we tackle the issues. This was recorded Tuesday night, before the polls closed in California, but we all knew what the result would be.


  • Does America have enough testing capacity to handle President Biden’s OSHA emergency standard? Can we really test 20 million or more people every single week? Steve is skeptical.

  • Is General Milley a hero, a traitor, or is he just helping Bob Woodward sell books? Since Trump called it “fake news” does that make it true?

  • Newsom wins to keep his job, but California didn’t really want to keep him around. There was just nobody to replace him with.

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